Elena Loizidou

Senior Lecturer in Law, Birkbeck Law, UK

Dr Elena Loizidou, BA (Keele) LLM, PhD (Lancaster), Senior Lecturer in Law, joined the School of Law, Birbeck in January 2000. Dr Loizidou is the Programme Director & Admissions Tutor for the FT LLB (UCAS). Dr Loizidou's research interests include anarchism and political theory, theories of gender and sexuality and law and culture. Dr Loizidou is currently working on a monograph on anarchist practices and theory. Her recent publications include Judith Butler: Ethics Law Politics (2007) London, Routledge and 'This is what democracy looks like', in Martel and Casas Klausen (eds) How not to be Governed: Reading and Interpretations from a Postanarchist Left, New York, Lexington Press (2011).