Women Creating Change Leadership Council meets for the second time

The Women Creating Change Leadership Council met for the second time in New York on April 12, 2018. Professors Anupama Rao and Ana Paulina Lee presented on their work on the Geographies of Injustice: Gender and the City project.  Lila Abu-Lughod presented on her work on the Religion and the Global Reframing of Gender Violence project. Marianne Hirsch discussed new CSSD projects which will launch in 2018 and 2019. Bindu Bansinath, a student in a course inspired by WCC called “Narrating Rape,” spoke about her published essay in the New York times.   

Participants included:

Ann Kaplan
Annette Anthony
Lisa Carnoy
Isobel Coleman
Deborah Jackson
Safwan Masri
Molly Mathews Multedo
Cynthia Moses-Manocherian
Alyson Neel
Philippa Portnoy        
Marianne Hirsch
Meera Ananth
Carolyn Ferguson
Lila Abu-Lughod
Catherine LaSota
Ana Paulina Lee
Anupama Rao
Bindu Bansinath
S. Mona Sinha
Selena Soo
A’lelia Bundles
Esta Stecher
Melissa Fisher                           
Amal Ghandour                        
Jacki Zehner
Davia Temin  

The Women Creating Change Leadership Council is comprised of individuals who are committed to the exploration of issues which affect women and the ways in which women address global gender challenges. The mission of the Council is to promote interdisciplinary collaborative research and to sponsor events that publicize this important work.