CSSD project director Inga Winkler receives grant to support her work on menstrual health

Professor Inga Winkler, co-director of the new CSSD project, Menstrual Health and Gender Justice, receives a grant to support her work on menstrual health.

The grant from the UN Water Supply and Sanitation Collaborative Council will support research and advocacy on menstrual health, including the development of a handbook on Critical Menstrual Studies, which Professor Winkler is co-editing. The handbook seeks to compile state of the art research in the burgeoning field of menstrual health and to inform and shape rapidly evolving developments in policy and practice, as well as elevate ongoing national policy developments in countries across the globe to the level of the UN through various advocacy initiatives.

The last several years have brought a tremendous diversity of menstrual­ positive expressions—from the artistic to the practical, the serious to the playful, the provocative to the educational, and the local to the global.

Speaking on the upsurge in interests on menstrual health, Professor Winkler explains: “I see a need – and indeed a responsibility – to engage and ask critical questions."