CSSD Director Marianne Hirsch Speaks in Chile

CSSD Director and William Peterfield Trent Professor of English and Comparative Literature Marianne Hirsch visited Chile in early June to speak at several events, including a colloquium on Postmemory and a seminar entitled “The Future of the Past,” organized by Universidad Católica.


During the seminar, Hirsch, together with Leo Spitzer, Professor Emeritus of History at Dartmouth, presented a lecture entitled “School Pictures in Troubled Times,” in which they examined several aspects of school photos taken during periods of persecution and resistance in history.


In addition, at the colloquium “Postmemory: Conversations on Human Rights and Migrations,” Hirsch discussed the role of feminism in memory studies as well as the ways in which memories of violent histories can be utilized for a better future.

A complete report from Columbia Global Center | Santiago can be read here.