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Borders & Boundaries: Conference and Roundtable Discussion

  • Concourse 05, Columbia University School of Social Work 1255 Amsterdam Avenue New York, NY, 10027 United States (map)

A conference and roundtable discussion on the connections between international borders and social boundaries in the contemporary world 

Keynote Address:  Nina Bernstein of the New York Times“Outlaw Generation:  A Crackdown and its Consequences for Children in Illegal Immigrant Families in the United States”

Co-organized by the Center for the Critical Analysis of Social Difference, the Center for the Study of Ethnicity and Race and the Ếcole des Hautes Ếtudes en Sciences Sociales (Paris)    

Friday May 1st -- School of Social Work, Concourse 05 (1255 Amsterdam Ave)

9-9:30am: Registration & Breakfast: Concourse Hallway

9:30-10am: Opening Remarks by Eric Fassin, Didier Fassin & Claudio Lomnitz

10-10:30am:  Josiah Heyman (University of Texas El Paso) Checkpoints as Technologies of Power over Spatial Mobility

10:30-11am:  Nicolas Fischer (EHESS) Managing the Border. Control and Protection of Deported Foreigners in a French Immigration Detention Center

11:00-11:15am:  Coffee Break

11:15-11:45am:  Chowra Makaremi (University of Montreal, Canada) Penalizing Movement, Reframing Borders. Alien Detention in France

11:45-12:15pm:  Eric Fassin (EHESS) "The Sexual Boundaries of Europe. National Identities and Transnational Intimacies"

12:15-12:45:  Discussion

12:45-1:45pm:  Lunch:  Concourse Hallway

1:45-2:15pm:  Mae Ngai (Columbia) A Slight Knowledge of the Barbarian Language': Chinese Interpreters in Late-Nineteenth Century America

2:15-2:45pm:  Rocio Magana (Rutgers / American Academy of Arts and Sciences) Searching the Desert for Truth: The Politics of Migrant Death and Body Recovery in the American Southwest

2:45-3pm:  Coffee Break

3:oo-3:30pm:  Adam McKeown (Columbia) World Migration and the Globalization of Borders

3:30-4pm:  Elizabeth Povinelli (Columbia) -- Discussant

4:4:45pm:  Coffee Break

5:00-6:00pm:  Keynote Address by Nina Bernstein (New York Times) "Outlaw Generation: A crackdown and its consequences for children in illegal immigrant families in the United States"

6:00-8:00PM:  Reception:  Concourse Hallway

Saturday, May 2nd: 10 AM 5 PM
School of Social Work, Concourse 05

9:30-10am:  Check-in & Breakfast:  Concourse Hallway

10-10:30am:  Marianne Braig (Free University Berlin, Germany) "TransWorlds: Transnational Approaches to the Formation and Transformation of Space and Spatial Orders. Learning from Mexican Experiences"

10:30-11am:  Markus-Michael Muler (Free University Berlin, Germany) "The New Urban Frontier Travels South: Criminalizing of Marginality and Space in Contemporary Latin American Cities"

11-11:15am:  Coffee Break

11:15-11:45am:  Rihan Yeh (University of Chicago) "Crossing the Border and Passing on the Street: IDs of Various Sorts in Tijuana, Mexico"

11:45-12:15pm:  Discussion

12:15-1:15pm:  Lunch:  Concourse Hallway

1:15-1:45pm:  Audra Simpson (Columbia) Borders of Blood

1:45-2:15pm:  Claudio Lomnitz (Columbia) "The US-Mexican Border and the Origins of 'the Mexican Race'"

2:15-2:45pm:  Kornel Chang (University of Connecticut) "Transnational Border Enforcement: Regulating Race, Nation, and Empire in the U.S.-Canadian Borderlands"

2:45-3:00pm:  Coffee Break

3:00-3:30pm:  Didier Fassin (IRIS, EHESS and University of Paris North) "National Boundaries as Moral Borders. The French Politics of Naturalization and Filiation"

3:30-4:00pm:  Nilufer Gole (EHESS) -- Discussant

4:00-5:00pm:  Closing Remarks by Eric Fassin, Didier Fassin, Claudio Lomnitz & Elizabeth Povinelli