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The Caribbean Digital

  • Barnard College/Columbia University (map)

The Caribbean Digital is a unique two-day conference presented by the Center for Social Difference's Digital Black Atlantic Project. The conference engages critically with the digital as practice and as historicized societal phenomenon, reflecting on the challenges and opportunities presented by the media technologies that evermore intensely reconfigure the social and geo-political contours of the Caribbean and its diasporas. Presenters will consider the intersection of digital technology, new media, and Caribbean studies in a series of wide-ranging panel discussions. The conference will be preceded by a one-day researchathon dedicated to the construction of a comprehensive bibliography of and on the work of Kamau Brathwaite. Participate live or online!

The Digital Black Atlantic is an interdisciplinary working group within the Center for the Study of Social Difference that is tasked with inventing a scholarly resource and digital platform for multimedia explorations and documentations of literary texts, visual documents, sites, moments, rituals and ceremonies, monuments and memorials, performances, and material objects emanating from the Black Atlantic world. The Digital Black Atlantic project actively acknowledges the literary, performative, historical, geographical and other paradigms of the Black Atlantic that demand to be approached from as many informed disciplinary perspectives as possible.