Cynthia Moses-Mano cherian

Cynthia Moses-Manocherian

Cynthia Moses-Manocherian is a partner at WAM Equity Partners, a New York real-estate company specializing in residential properties. A native New Yorker, she received her BA from Smith College. She was a member of the Smith College President’s Council and is currently a member of the President's Library Roundtable. At Columbia, Cynthia received an MS in Real Estate Development and has chaired the Columbia MSRED Alumni Council. She also serves on the Columbia Alumni Trustee Nominating Committee (ATNC). She is as a longtime Trustee of UrbanGlass, a Brooklyn based non-profit arts organization dedicated to the use of glass in contemporary art. More recently, she has become involved in environmental protection and land use issues in Westchester County. Ms. Moses-Manocherian and her husband Jeffrey reside in New York City and have three daughters.