Puerto Rico Underwater exhibition featured on NY1

Frances Negron-Muntaner, a project director of the CSSD working group Unpayable Debt, was on NY1 with several of the artists in the Puerto Rico Underwater exhibition that is on display now in connection with the Frontiers of Debt conference.

Puerto Rico Under Water features the work of five Puerto Rican artists, ADÁL, Huáscar Robles, Omar Z. Robles, Sarabel Santos, and Víctor Vazquez, reflecting on the island's debt crisis and its consequences, including mass migration, vulnerable infrastructure, and increased levels of personal insecurity. At the same time, the work serves as site of memory, humor, and hope as Puerto Ricans rebuild not only homes but a collective future.

The exhibition is on display at the same time as the Frontiers of Debt in the Caribbean and Afro America conference presented by CSSD working group Unpayable Debt. This two day conference brings together scholars, journalists, activists, and artists from across these two regions in order to interrogate their contemporary re-emergence as sites of new forms of capital extraction and opposition to debt regimes.

Unpayable Debt is a comparative research and public engagement project about the emergence and impact of massive debt on vulnerable polities and populations.