CSSD Executive Committee Member Featured on The Dean’s Table Podcast

In Episode 2 of The Dean’s Table, Professor Claudio Lomnitz, former co-director of CSSD working group Borders and Boundaries, joins Dean Harris to discuss the multiple migrations of his past; his views on the role of the public intellectual; the challenges of adapting scholarship to the creative arts; and the conflict-ridden relationship between Mexico and the United States.  

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Professor Claudio Lomnitz works on the history, politics and culture of Latin America, and particularly of Mexico. He has a PhD from Stanford in 1987, and his first book, Evolución de una sociedad rural (Mexico City, 1982) was a study of politics and cultural change in Tepoztlán, Mexico.

The Dean's Table is the latest initiative of Dean Fredrick Harris, Dean of Social Sciences, Columbia University. This series features the lives, work, and imagination of scholars from across Columbia's social science disciplines.