CSSD Working Group to Launch Course in Spring 2020

In the spring of 2020 CSSD working group Geographies of Injustice will be launching a course entitled “Subaltern Urban Studies” taught by co-directors Anupama Rao and Ana Paulina Lee.

The course, presented in seminar format, will explore how spatial politics intersect with economic inequality and social difference (race, gender, caste, and ethnicity) to produce marginalized and stigmatized spaces such as “favelas,” “slum,” and “ghettos.” The course will be divided between the study of the colonial and the industrial city, going into topics such as public health, housing and the slum, political violence and forms of cultural production.

Anupama Rao is an Associate Professor of History as well as Associate Director for the Institute for Comparative Literature and Society.

Ana Paulina Lee is Assistant Professor of Luso-Brazilian Studies at Columbia University.