Dr. Sonia Tolani Discusses Women’s Heart Health and Risk Factors

Dr. Sonia Tolani, co-director of the working group Women’s Heart Disease Awareness and Assistant Professor of Medicine at Columbia, discussed the heart disease risk factors unique to women as well as how to increase awareness of the high number of women affected by it.

In the interview she stated that half of women are unaware that heart disease is the number one killer of women and that her goal is to change that. Traditional risk factors such as diabetes and smoking are relevant for men and women but increase women's chance of developing heart disease more than men's. Additionally, there are factors such as pregnancy history that are unique to women in determining their risk.

The “Love My Heart” app was uniquely designed with women in mind, as it takes into account information relevant to them in order to suggest lifestyle changes to maintain and improve heart health. Dr. Tolani discusses how the application works and more in her interview with Steve Adubato.

Watch the full interview here.
You can download the “Love My Heart” app here.
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