Puerto Rican Community Currency Project on Display in Manhattan

On Sunday May 26 ,2019 the ATM used in the Valor y Cambio project in Puerto Rico was shown at the 32nd Loisaida Festival in Manhattan. The Valor y Cambio project was created by Sarabel Santos Negron, multidisciplinary artist and educator and Frances Negron-Muntaner, co-director of CSSD working group Unpayable Debt and Professor of English and Comparative Literature at Columbia.

The Valor y Cambio project is a community currency project that lasted for 9 days in Puerto Rico with the goal of to generating more interest and discussion in socially just solutions to the island’s economic challenges. Residents would obtain decorated bills that could be used at local businesses in exchange for telling stories about themselves and their values. This past weekend 200 such bills were dispensed in Manhattan from the same ATM at the Loisaida festival.

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