Queer Theory: Here, Now, and Everywhere

Queer Theory: Here, Now, and Everywhere

Project Director: Jack Halberstam

Queer Theory: Here, There, and Everywhere is a CSSD working group to discuss, debate and investigate the politics of sexuality and gender in a global frame. This group builds upon the vast network of queer scholars here in the New York area and reaches out to groups in Beirut, Buenos Aires, Rio De Janeiro, Quito and Istanbul in order to consider how best to resituate queer studies to respond to shifts in the meanings of family, sexual health, gendered embodiment, religion, sexual practices, gender variance, activism and sexual communities worldwide. This group’s main focus is in considering the place of sexuality and gender in both the spread of global capitalism and right-wing populism and in the activist responses to these new forms of authoritarianism.

Scholars in this group have worked on neoliberalism, LGBT law, trans* issues, transnational imaginaries, queer diaspora, negative affects, art and politics, the queer decolonial, temporality and spatiality, phenomenology and much more. This is a multidisciplinary group with many transnational contacts and contexts that is committed to asking questions about the future of queer politics, the future of queer culture and the potential of new forms of solidarity, protest and queer thought.


" Facial Weaponization Suite: Fag Face Mask ” by Zach Blas, 2012, photo by Christopher O’Leary.

"Facial Weaponization Suite: Fag Face Mask” by Zach Blas, 2012, photo by Christopher O’Leary.